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Uwmergurd yhaaas

Yep but I think Sherlock would be Magnasson.ugh<--Dingleberg though<<<<< hannibal though

Oh, it's Moriarty ! - Doctor Who Season 7: The Impossible Girl. Season 8: 'Am I a good man?' Sherlock Season 4: A Tragedy.

SWL season summaries- a slightly outdated but fairly comprehensive and accurate list.

Oh the feels. I don't even know where to pin this....

What makes this even sadder just the fact that the actor of Snape, Alan Rickman, died

Pass it around!! @madisonparet @megannogueira but we should do this for the retreat because it's civies!!!

How am I gonna fit all these colors into one outfit? Yellow, orange, black, maroon, and Tardis blue


It's funny that the Supernatural fandom is asked to do something when we're probably the least sane (after the Sherlockians of course, but they're just a lost case)<<<<true, true.<<< Guys the least sane is the Percy Jackson fandom

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I would just make a scrambled language or a number language. I'm too lazy to learn a new language my gosh

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