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Squirrels being squirrels…

Squirrels are awesome. I miss my pet squirrel.

blenheim cavalier king charles spaniel puppies-Only 3 more weeks & we'll have ours! <3

I don't like most spaniels much but the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is just too cute.

Fluffy our Newfienard!  Our St Bernard & Newfoundland Mix.

Fluffy our Newfienard! Our St Bernard & Newfoundland Mix.

Orange webmail

Pupper looks almost exactly like my Puppy - my childhood stuffed animal companion.

I'm pretty sure I've pinned this puppy like 50 times already but OMG HE IS CUTE

Oh I have puppy fever all the time and she is precious!

border collie and german shepherd mix.

border collie and german shepherd mix.

Cuteness tied with a bow!

adorable Westie pup I want one

Newfie. Get in my life. I want a Newfie so badly..... But not sure it would be happy in the Texas heat.

Bella Bear the Newfoundland Pictures 1051292

Dog wearing knitted cat hat - Hey, how'd he sneak in here!?

Not happy in the stupid kitty hat.

Levantarse cada mañana y saber que un estilo de vida Vegano/Vegetariano salva aproximadamente 406 vidas en un año, es una razón para empezar cada día con alegría! #SoyUnSalvavidas!

Drumlin Farm Wildlife Sanctuary is a working farm and wildlife sanctuary all in one!


These two melt my heart, what a beautiful friendship between a boy and his dog

Groenendael Shepherd Dog | This is my Groenendaeler named Indy.

Belgian Shepherd Groenendael + we will name him Sirius Black

Calf Photo Realistic Infant One Piece