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one day you will learn how to give and receive love like an open window and it will feel like summer every day - “Reassurance to Sierra in High School” by Sierra DeMulder

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There is a difference between being alone, and being lonely. I like being alone, but being lonely is hard.

it's actually from the movie 'Hook' - one of my favorites!

You know that place between sleep and awake; that place where you can still remember dreaming? that's where i will always love you. that's where i'll be waiting -Peter Pan

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i think perfection is ugly. Somewhere in the things human make, I want to see scars failure, disorder, distortion.

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I am a child of the moon being raised by the sun in a world walked by stars and a sky drawn with flowers // Zara Ventris<<< This could be our kids


I will keep telling you that you are important, deserving, loving, intelligent, worthy


there are some feelings that fill you up, that dig their roots into your skin and never let go. they swell and blow over you like wind & waves

This is your head on negative thoughts

via Your Mental Health First Aid Kit. This takes practice. A lot of it. The idea that you can let negativity bounce off you isn't really true. Unless you have some awesome force field, negativity f.

Je t'aime Paris | LoveJadex

Today's the last day of and honestly, it's been the hardest year of my life. I pledge to be strong in this coming year; to not let my hardships destroy me, and to be better and braver that the year before.