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criminal minds :) the-number-thing

Holding my new baby nephew in my arms is one of the best feelings in the world.

The best and worst thing I can do. I love to hold and love on babies, but then I'm sad I can't take em home.


That Accomplished Feeling.

Just Little Things

love those baristas at the starbucks inside price cutter :)

....the little things

Just Little Things: Archive

You're shopping (fun), you're song comes on over the store speakers (more fun) and it's all you can do to keep from singing out loud and breaking out in dance....I've had that moment :)

hearing favorite song in a store

....the little things

Don't call me a freak. I just hate gross bathrooms.

As Robin Williams once said, "We are each given just a little spark of madness.  We mustn't lose it."

reminds me of listening to my daughter playing ;

I love this.. even though it reminds me of how retarded I was when I was little.

Watching old 8 mm movies.

such a relief.

only 6 weekends left!

the smell of my kids hair after a bath...my favorite

With Awapuhi Wild Ginger Shampoo, of course!

Love Them!

little kid hugs.

-- I worked in the kids/baby dept at JCPenney for a while, oh goodness, it will definitely make your heart melt!

The little things that bring a smile to your face

Ahhhh yess

cant wait for the summer!

Huge compliment!

funny i use to be this person, people change, best friends change.

especially if you thought they wouldn't

yes, esp since i know everyones birthday!