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here is my inspiration. I want my boyfriend to be able to give me a piggy back ride. now let's get started!

Best Friend & Boyfriend

My dream guy! This might be weird to some of u girls, but I want a funny, loud, sweet guy more than a romantic one. Romantic is great but I just like this kind of guy more.


This makes my heart melt. & honestly I don't need the stuff in the middle. Just sombody to say that I'm worth being a first choice….a girl can dream.

Soulmate Quotes: QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Life Quote I look at you and what to kiss you. More than anything I just want a kiss. A kiss to tell me that you trust your lips against mine. A kiss to prove to me that I can still see the world …

addicted, brown, brown eyes, brown hair, crush, cute, drug, drugs ...

Yeah but ur a stupid brown haired boy that has hair so crazy i can't help but want to play with it and brown eyes that are so beautiful it kinda makes me melt

:) sweeeet :)

Cuddles They are appreciated. And tea. And blankets. I have tea and blankets but your downstairs. You can cuddle me now xxx