diggin the style & coloring of this tattoo.

watercolor hummingbird tattoo:::I love hummingbirds - I have no plans on getting another one at this time, but I think this is awesome! for-the-future

ok. I wouldn't get this but plz just look at it...

Reworked a poorly done watercolor tattoo for a client today (the original design on the left is not my work, looks like a bruise).

I don't normally like feathers, but this one is cool

collected Feather watercolor tattoo on inner arm in Fancy Tattoos. And Feather watercolor tattoo on inner arm is the best Watercolor Tattoo for 955 people. Explore and find personalized tattoos about feather watercolor, inner arm for girls.

be still

I absolutely love this tattoo. Bigger and more whimsical. It's a quote from the bible. “Be still and know that I am God” . It's about letting go of worries. And I have a hard time with that!

Painterly peacock feather tattoo. designed/tattoed by Niki Merchant at Empire Ink in Akron, OH.

Peacock feather designed/done by Niki Merchant at Empire Ink in Akron, OH. This is only the tattoo she’s ever done!

White ink family constellation  tattoo Without zodiac symbol

black light tattoo-siblings zodiac signs in regular ink and outlined in their favorite colors. Zodiac constellations in black light responsive ink.

Cherry Blossom Side Tattoo with Bird.

50+ Cute Examples of Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Tattoo on inside of foot! by Claire Renaud<3

walk by faith tattoo on foot; This is what I want."Walk by Faith, Not by Sight "

Would love to get something like this along with a written prayer that my son and I say every night when he goes to bed. "I love you to infinity and beyond. I love you to the moon. ok Buzz Lightyear"