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If I had a wolf it would look like this one! What is it about black wolves that make them so pretty?

Ambassador Wolf Lucien of Ironwood Wolves, Black Wolf. Kind of looks like Kira.

Lonely wolf

Honey graham human alpha male cookies - love 'me. Wolves delight, I wolf 'em down!

Photograph Lucian by Rachel Lauren*

{Pete} (OPEN) I was prowling through the woods in my wolf form, trudging through the grass and weaving through the trees.

Esta imagen abstracta puede ser interpretada de infinitas maneras, pero depende cómo la observes podrá revelarte varios datos acerca de cómo eres.

Test psicológico: ¿Qué animal ves primero? descubre algunos rasgos acerca de tu alma

Ever watchful

Ever watchful Beautiful wolf. I understand why some hunters are killing wolves (to protect their livestock) but I do hope they don't kill of all of them

The Boy and the Wolf

*/Wolf Folklore/* There is one myth that the mythological founder of the Chechen nation, Turpalo-Noxchuo (Chechen Hero, who Chechens are descended from "like sparks of steel"), was raised by a fabled, loving "Wolf Mother".


The Tundra wolf(Canis lupus albus) is one of the largest subspecies of the gray wolf. It was classified as a subspecies by Robert Kerr in