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Beautiful African Safari Wild Animals From Africa’s beautiful animal safaris with its abundant animal heritage in its natural surrou.


A Mother's Love - Photos & Quotes

Mama tiger holding her baby cub. The look on the tiger cub's face is priceless!

Man and Lion best friends - WTF fun facts

This is the man who bought this lion as a cub in the and then when it got too big he let it into the wild. 10 years later it was the alpha male in a natreally violent. The guy went to see it and it walked up to him and gave him a hug. I WANT A LION HUG!

Linx. . .and one of my personal favorite

Iberian Lynx Cat, Iberian Lynx Kittens,Iberian Lynx cubs,Lynx facts and images. The Iberian lynx is the rarest cat species in the world .

Tiger love..you haz a spot, lemme get it

No matter how big you get, your mom will still try to clean stuff off your face.

Three babies in a tree hole

The least raccoon:-Who are all these creatures? The biggest raccoon:- These are monsters. There name is PEOPLE. The less raccoon:- Why? The biggest raccoon:- Shut up, Harry!


Jaguar is an independent and powerful predators Jaguar is the biggest cat in South America, they live scattered in American continent.

curious little Tiger by Paco de la Luz on 500px

beauty cute beautiful dreams animal blue eyes nature i wish baby tiger gaze Ferocious cool pet to own


giving me cub eyes. (that's the lion equivalent of puppy dog eyes)