Undertale - Spirited Away parody -- For one thing, I think Gaster makes a better No Face than Napstablook, and second, I don't like people antagonizing Asgore. True he made bad decisions, but that's because he thought it was the best thing he could do.



Meanwhile in Finland...  Though I legit recently saw a police officer on a segway just yesterday.

Meanwhile In Finland.haha that's funny. I'm loving the Italy police car. If those were American police cars, I'd become a cop 😜

Pet the Doge Pg. 2 by on @DeviantArt

It all could have been avoided. Pet the Doge Pg. 2 by SickAede on DeviantArt

The Fallen Child Chapter 4 by Virzoeve

The Fallen Child Chapter 4 by Virzoeve

Tanta fofura *~*

Undertale: Image Gallery

Undertale We can accept Lesser Dog but not Papyrus, he's more precious than a dog. Sure, why not.

Meet the Instagram Sensation Omar, The World Longest Cat

undertale- Undyne and Lesser Dog. I figure the Dogi would have…