Undertale - Spirited Away parody -- For one thing, I think Gaster makes a better No Face than Napstablook, and second, I don't like people antagonizing Asgore. True he made bad decisions, but that's because he thought it was the best thing he could do.

undertale, asgore, toriel, chara

undertale, asgore, toriel, chara // tfw the timeline's getting bored and u were pacifist but u wanna know what will happen

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LOL. Look at this

And he just sat there and let them draw on his face>>Pap and undyne are gonna have a BAD TIME

"you start to feel really uncomfortable"

You're gonna have a bad time With legs like these

Haircut Humantale

sans human, papyrus human and frisk monster - overtale comic omg my opinion Sans is hot with that hair!

Getting the pacifist ending like

Personalized Photo Charms Compatible with Pandora Bracelets. Getting the pacifist ending like

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Undertale - Katana AU No idea what its write in the fanart