Percy Jackson, fish jesus<----- which is hilarious considering that the hippocampy would come to Percy because some fish or other got stuck

Even though Jack and Rose weren't real........

I can just imagine Percy gathering all the other guys on the Argo 2 and making them watch Titanic. The girls would walk in as the movie ended with them all wiping away tears and deny crying because of the movie

Yeah, Annabeth is pretty awesome! :D << I can't wait for that moment

I really really REALLY hope annabeth doesn't hate calypso cuz I think calypso would be good friends with hazel, piper, reyna and annabeth

…holy Hera...

OFFICIAL SHIP NAME FROM NOW ON! Does anyone else realize that this means that Annabeth has been unintentionally shipping herself with Percy since day

Now rebloggable so Thor can tell all the peasants on your dash to move faster!

Thor and hallway traffic

I love that part so much mostly because I thought of something like that too ;-;

Ai Karen, vc é tão burra!


This fandom has a big imagination<<<<< Is this based on that time Rick asked a bunch of children who they wanted their godly parent to be and one of them said batman?

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Solangelo is the most precious thing on this planet and must be protected at all costs.

I'm a Percy person in this case...<<<depends on the day. I'd probably be Percy as a joke and after they stare blankly give them a list of real words

I'm probably an Annabeth person.but 'smad' is my new favourite word

percy jackson

Same percey same

Worst thing ever.

And then he added "let their be really really good fanfiction with proper grammar and the best storyline ever be unfinished"

I always feel a deep connection to Percy, because he's my childhood.

Percy understands me on a spiritual level.


Percy Jackson head canon hahaha so funny

No one even cares anymore. Benedict Cumberbatch= Buttercup Cumbersnatch. You hate us don't you?

It's not that hard: Benedict Cumberbatch. But it will always be an amazing joke


↑ THIS ↑ is truer than true. I am SO in love with Percy, but I can't help but adoooooorre Percabeth!<<<yea but I ship percabeth too hard


My parents to me when I wear dark red,grey,navy or army green instead of black