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Who wouldn't want to snuggle up next to this business on a Sunday morning, wrapped in a comforter, and it's raining outside and there's muffins warming in the oven - I'm cuddly, bitch, deal with it

Lily has no idea I'm high. (how i met your mother,marshall erikson,jason segel,josh radnor,alyson hannigan,himym,lily alrdin,ted mosby,funny,high,gif,tv,fail)

How I Met Your Mother- Marshall--"Lily has no idea I'm high.

How I Met Your Mother :)

So this is actually how I look when my sis tells me there's a cute guy behind me. LOL // How I Met Your Mother //


I wonder why?

How I Met Your Mother - why some women are hated I can totally relate. Do you know how annoying it is to have to eat all the time because you are hungry all the time. Most of my friends do hate me for this.

Hahhahahahaha! How I Met Your Mother

I knew Robin Sparkles was based on Alanis way before the "P. I Love You" episode

How I Met Your Mother

Ted's so happy cuz he finally got the joke, look at his face full oc joy♡

This is generally what Maria Hill feels toward him.

And would rather be honest with someone than leave them guessing as to how she really feels. 24 Badass Traits That Make Robin Scherbatsky Your Ultimate Role Model