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I thought he was talking about full grown adults bc I would do the same thing tbh << me too chum

Grant Gustin

Grant Gustin

TF: and I'm just saying but Rossi reminds me of Eve.  CD: no duh. It's not like I was Eve for more than a decade.

What funny is Cisco slightly reminds me of Ron Caitlin slightly reminds me of Hermione And Grant does remind of Harry a bit LOL Then of course Tom reminds me of Draco Malfoy but DUH.

#TheFlash 2x17 "Flas

"Flash Back" was this foretelling a Harry Potter actor would be in the next season?<< The funny thing is, a Harry Potter character did come in the next season:Tom Felt on aka Draco Malfoy

The Flash 4x01

The Flash - “I don’t know what I would do if this is all that’s left of you… if this is all that’s left of the amazing man that I know… and love.