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When Josh Rossi's daughter, Nellee, said she dreamed she could be Wonder Woman, he did what any photographer dad would do: he made her Wonder Woman.

What kid doesn't want to be a superhero? When 3-year-old Nellee shared her dream to become Wonder Woman with her father Josh Rossi, the commercial photographer didn't just head to the nearest Halloween aisle—he created an entire photoshoot. Spending $1,500 on a custom, hand-made, leather Wonder Woman costume and props, Rossi pulled out all the stop to make his child's dream become a reality. As the Wonder Woman film won't be released until the summer, Rossi had only the trailer to work off…

Photographer Transforms 3-Year-Old Daughter Into Wonder Woman in $1,500 Photoshoot

Josh Rossi has proven himself not just as an awesome photographer, but also he's one of the coolest dad! Known for creating hyper realistic dynamic images, Josh

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グリコ - おいしさと健康

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Gal Gadot Was Pregnant While Filming "Wonder Woman" they used CGI effects to make her belly flat


Good guy and best dad ever, Josh Rossi, spared no expense to create a replica Wonder Woman costume for his kiddo.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman>> tbh this photoset and scene made me laugh, because Chris Pine is beautiful and then he just spits out "I'M A SPYYYY"

Esse pai realmente se esforçou para fazer da sua filha a Mulher Maravilha! http://ift.tt/2ejQvJs

Custom Superhero Costume: Littlest Wonder Woman - Josh Rossi Photography - McGrew Studios

Dad Transforms 3-Year-Old Daughter Into The Fiercest Wonder Woman Ever

Dad Transforms 3-Year-Old Daughter Into The Fiercest Wonder Woman Ever

Dad Transforms Daughter Into The Fiercest Wonder Woman Ever