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pretty much how I feel, jus yer bak up for when shit is bad at home wit yer bf! All cuz u know my dumb ass loves u like I do an never turn u away an always is here.

Exactly // Bri Yanna

They don't use their brains, bout incompatible, they want hoes who will leave them to do whatever they want 😒 because we actually care and when we start to argue because of shit they do, they get mad and leave.


Lowkey sad about the way things been lately but I know it's for the best so I just gotta go with the flow

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Then I hate both y’all And he don’t need to be all “wyd” me Bye 👋

Even thiugh my baby getting on my nerves rn I still love him ♡♡

Nah patience is good, it's when they think I'm dumber then I look. My tolerance to ignorance is idgaf who you are.

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I have a friend I have known all my life, but it seems like she is starting to not care about me at all.