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Why Keeping a Journal is One of the Best Decisions I've Made

Putting off doing the things that I really need to get done is a life-long hobby I've spent years perfecting. And even though Halloween is my *favorite* holiday, it's also the time that I like to really put my procrastination skills to work.  Thankfully, Pinterest has my back – and I have yours, so here's a list of ten currently-trending makeup ideas that you can do last-minute. No costume shopping (or planning) required.  This Lion King Halloween makeup look is absolutely incredible! Click…

11 Makeup-Only Halloween Costumes Blowing Up On Pinterest

30 ways to focus on self-care | Simple ways to take care of yourself | via Lean, Clean, & Brie

Making Self-Care a Priority this Year

A habit tracker is an amazingly simple tool that helps you make progress toward your goals. You can keep an eye on health, productivity, and a work/fun balance with ease. Here are 40 things to track in your habit tracker to get you started!

20 Things You Wouldn't Think to Bring to College

The Top 10 things you have to see in Philadelphia!!

Best Things To Do In Philadelphia

Autumn's in the Air Fall Home Tour — The Grace House

Autumn's in the Air Fall Home Tour

I like this idea - but I envision it less orderly. Like instead have all of my "happy moments" scattered throughout the jar. ✨
Every since I started using these 9 organization hacks for the small things in my kitchen, I haven't had a problem with finding all of my cooking utensils. I'm so happy I found these tips. Definitely pinning!

9 Simple Ways To Organize All Of The Little Things In Your Kitchen