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Dolphins - Facts About These Fascinating Marine Life Animals with Videos


Dolphins herd fish into tight balls so they can& get away and can easy be eaten.

SQUEEEEEK SQUEEKER EEK EEK EEK AKKKKKK EEK SQUAK  That's dolphin for "I love you so very much!"

May be a picture of dolphins in captivity. Captive dolphins suffer stress and illnesses from being removed from their natural habitat and away from their pods. They even can get ulcers from their stress! Captivity is cruel and immoral!

WTF: dolfijn sterft vanwege selfiezieke mensen [video]

WTF: dolfijn sterft vanwege selfiezieke mensen [video]

Dolphins are being kept in cramped, unhealthy conditions at an illegal 'swim with the dolphins' facility. Sign this petition to shut down the dolphin facility and prevent another similar facility from being built.


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'Funny Guys' two dolphins underwater and breaking splashing wave above them. by Vitaliy Sokol


Part of the various enrichment activities we have for the fellow animals at cma! Embellishing this all day erydayy!

Resultado de imagen de imagenes de delfines de verdad

I got: Dolphin! What Animal Are You Most Like? This is incredibly funny, bc i did believe that the dolphin is my spirit animal, so proof, ha!

Cute dolphin

Cute dolphin