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Love is .his warm legs to put your cold feet on

Love is... when he greets you as if he's been away for a year.

"Love Is. when he greets you as if it has been a year" my sweet corb does this every day.

Love is...(or your woman,if you are a man..or whatever variation applies to you ❤)

Love Is.standing by your man when storm clouds gather and believe me that is love

Love Is....

Love Is. the small gestures that keep your relationship vibrant. Great times on beautiful days Good times with love on any bad or good or beautiful day

He doesn't let me sleep for 5 more mins, but he let's me sleep through like 6 alarms.

"Love is.letting her have 5 more minutes" comic strip by Kim Grove Casali. But he gave me an hour awww that is love

Baby we will get through this together I promise we are gonna fight through this together

Life sure has thrown us some curved balls but we have made it through this far. Once he dumps the bitch or she dumps him once she finds out what really is going on, it will be back to normal.

Thank you for forgiving me. (30 love quotes for my husband)

Love Quotes For My Husband: How To Make Him Feel Loved

part of everyday life

"part of your everyday life" comic strip by Kim Grove Casali - Carefully selected by GORGONIA www.

Also lavish you with love by that I mean warm baths, back rubs, naps, listening to you attentively .. Hmm picnics, and staring completions

Every once in awhile I think about how much I want to do this with someone special.

i freakin love how big they made Peggy

i freakin love how big they made Peggy