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Helen: DON'T TOUCH THAT! by on deviantART pft come on we all knew I was going to :T <<<<<I know some one who would do that.

Pues son cortas historias lemmon :v #fanfic # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad

One-Shot Lemmon Creepypastas +18

◀Cortos ~ Creepypasta

Today's menu : the pickle family -crispier -old-fashioned -fiery Cajun-flavor Pickle the kiler is an&nbsp;original character from Chibi-Works . His pic :&nbsp;Pickle The Kiler H.

i need to add dat behind flying masky lol Well. Slender PhD : Jeff and Masky

Tell the world I'm coming home, Let the rain hit my face, An wash away all the pain, cuz In the end one by one, Two by two eventually its me against YOU.

CreepyTown 19 (Single) by AskHeroicHamburger

Just setting up the inevitable friendship. Also yes, the next comic will feature Laughing Jack so stay tuned!

Jeff, that's not how you pick up cookies by lexet on DeviantArt XD so accurate that's my French class name XD


Don't forget your towel! by lexet on deviantART - Now these two are cuter than Jeff x Jane.

Laughless Jack. This is scary T^T

the first creepypasta fusion that we ever named (in majority of course) this guy was a tough one. naming him was difficult enough XD the fact that the Jacks both have "Jac.