Sammallammas hymyilyttää NIIN monesta syystä :)

Charming lamb topiary covered in moss. You could do this yourself with a garden figure and that moss graffiti mixture

25 Amusing Green Design Ideas Bringing Growing Grass and Moss into Modern Eco Homes

25 Amusing Green Design Ideas Bringing Growing Grass and Moss into Modern Eco Homes

Nguyen La Chanh designed this live moss bath mat so you can get in touch with nature after you shower. The moisture that seeps into the mat nourishes the moss. No more damp, smelly bathroom mats to contend with, once.

moss graffiti:

DIY Moss Graffiti Paint Results

I was so inspired by these images and making what’s called “moss graffiti paint“ a mixture of moss, water and buttermilk.

Absolutely love this planter! Ceramic Hedgehog

Ceramic Animal Planter - Inspired by the adorable hedgehog, this Ceramic Animal Planter from home design retailer West Elm is a charming accessory piece designed to house o.

Moss Covered Sculptures

Throughout the Orchid Gardens are found some interesting moss covered sculptures.

Mossy Animal Topiary. Instantly perk up your yard or patio with this garden “sculpture." Comes pre-packed with planting moss...No trimming needed!

Mossy Animal Topiary Garden “sculpture” instantly perks up a yard or patio!

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Quality handcrafted topiary frames and Moss filled topiaries sold Online. Topiary frames and established shrub filled topiaries sold on site in Riverside California.

Mos Graffitti  Dit is nu verantwoorde groene kunst: En het is heel simpel:  een aantal stukken mos  een halve liter yoghurt  1/2 theelepel suiker  een plastic bakje (met deksel)  verfkwast  plantenspuit  Met een blender mix je de ingredienten door elkaar totdat je een gladde,romige substantie hebt.Neem deze mee in je bakje en maak met de verfkwast je kunstwerk, bij voorkeur op een beetje vochtige plek.Check in de weken daarna je kunstwerk en houdt het indien nodig vochtig met de…

Moss Graffiti can change and transform an urban outdoor space.


indigodreams: “Even imaginary Topiary Cats need a drink at times Richard Saunders ”



The best way to propagate moss. great site with detailed infor on types and how to grow. From a moss growing site.

Dividing and Fragmenting Mosses & website for a moss garden - idea for end of walkway towards trailer

beautifulpaper: “ moss typography ”

Scared to poke holes in your exposed brick wall? Try decorating with natural moss letters instead; they don't harm the brick and look great in a sunroom or patio.

moss covered ppl giants who hardly ever move just slumber and lay so moss grows on them. They are gentle and lazy although sometimes unintentionally crush small brambles and hedges in their mid-slumber fits/flails.

I want her in my gardens. Bomarzo Monster Park/Villa of Wonders in Bomarzo, Italy -- built in 1552