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There are jellyfish found in the great lakes and across the United States. These type of jellyfish tentacles cannot penetrate human skin. That gives me relief.


Ever notice when people are viewing the jellyfish they become very quiet?


This is one of my wife's holiday snaps, enhanced using Gimp (as usual). Who wants my Jellyfish.

How a Jellyfish Can Make All The Difference - Finding the Courage to Try Again http://revenuebreakthrough.com/jellyfish-can-make-all-the-difference/

How a Jellyfish Can Make All the Difference ? Finding the Courage to Try Again

Red Jellyfish I Think It’s Safe To Assume It Isn’t A Zombie by Laura Storm

The Root Chakra. When you are Visualizing colors for healing try to see them as vibrant and translucent like the colors in stained glass when sunlight is passing through it. Or like this jelly fish.