my sister said I didn't like them anymore cause i like didn't listen to their music all the time -_-

Yep totally accurate>>>> it's not like, it's love

Everyone watch this!!!! And also do not forget to watch @Ariana Grande's music video for Right There!!!!! Ily guys<3

"Spread this faster than girlfriend rumors!" That will forever by my favorite phrase.

okay.... whoever put this one together needs to be taught a lesson. WHERE IS LIAM?!

One direction heatherlions One direction One direction people-i-love

Niall facts

good, then i'll pay someone to pretend to be my boyfriend, make him purposely insult me and push me, and walk past then he'll think i'd be better with him, and my dreams will come true.

Yes. Indeed.

I wish it was possible that you didn't die till your bucket list is all checked off, as this is on mine.

they say they can't dance but screw the light bulb and pat the dog is better than the robot..

Pat The Dog And Screw The Lightbulb, Stop The Traffic And Let Em On Through, The Sprinkler, Inbetweeners Dance, and The 'Which way am I going. Can't dance at all and I hope they never learn to.

"Niall, what's your favorite word for boobs?" "Erm... [much ruckus by the other boys] chicken fillets."

Sometimes I begin laughing hysterically and they watch me as I convulse in laughter. And then ask me if I need an evaluation.