real reasons to be worried.

seriously. someone asked me if i liked anyone yesterday.....and i replied with #ForeverAloneWithUpAllNightandTakeMeHome

someone asked me if i liked anyone yesterday.and i replied with Guys, how do you like update your email. I tried to comment on some pins and it won't let me because it says I need to confirm my account.

Listening to their cd now. Dying.

I love these guy's music. They just remind me of Big Time Rush. Not there songs but them personally.

yeah i bought their cd to listen to their faces

Oh yeah, totally, because their appearance is why I bought their music.

Um we have other problems beside Justin and the wanted.HAYLOR :(

Hahahahahaha no hate to beliebers.the Wanted have no fans.

i think i just died. x.x one direction

ummm is that even a question? You know that answer silly, boys of course!

This is basically my life in one sentence.

This pretty much explains my life. Like no joke. Its my life in a sentence.

Zayn is scared Louis just looked at a scary person Harry is wondering what Louis is thinking Liam just saw a really hot girl and niall is looking at the stars like a clueless five year old u gotta love them

The Only way I answer the Phone...   And the occasional Rob Dyrdek Mmmmmmmm Yello!

The Only way I answer the Phone. And the occasional Rob Dyrdek Mmmmmmmm Yello!

why are they so perfect?!!?! im moving to england, its official. i don't like american boys anymore

the worst thing a boy could do to a girl? Well personally, I think it's to ignore her while she's loving you with all her heart ~Liam Payne my favorite liam quote