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....and this is exactly what you have done.  ❤️

Every woman deserves a man that makes her forget her heart was ever broken. Honey you made me forget that my heart was ever broken Love Duke

Hold her hand...make me feel safe...I may seem strong , but you are my weakness...

The Gentleman's Guide 155 - “Sometimes, just hold her hand and make her feel safe and loved.

"Just like our eyes, our hearts have a way of adjusting to the dark" -Adam Stanley

and sadly when our heart has adjusted so well to the dark, it gets used to the darkness. It gets comfort and security in the dark.

The Gentleman's Code #35

The Gentleman's Code a reason God made Eve from one of Adam's ribs. She is meant to protect his heart, and he is meant to keep her close to him and protect her in all other ways, including her heart.