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Ya, they can recognize a cat anywhere. I think the cats in my neighbor hood know my dogs are tied up when they are outside and walk the out skirts of our home teasing them. O ya they know what they are doin :)


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30 Hilarious Struggles Dog Owners Understand Too Well. The 3rd One Sums Up My Life!

It Ain't Easy: 12 Funny Struggles Dogs Face Every Single Day

Loads more Pug per gallon. Funny Pug vines of 2014 part 2 Best Funny Pug Vines of 2014 Part 2 Loads more Pug per gallon. Funny Pug vines of 2014 part 2

Literally....laughing. out. loud.

Just enjoy the cute fluffy kitten. Let me just clean off my bitch slapper, then we can to business dont look cat in eye

Not sure why, but I find this very funny. |Humor||LOL||Funny pictures||Dogs||Cats||Funny animals|

Well this is kinda awkward…

Cat and dog meet at a drive through. Both are confused. Laughed so hard. Funnier every time, look at that cat's expression!

cats 10

12 Pictures That Only Cat Owners Will Truly Understand

The bowl of food is full. The bowl of food is empty. Feed me now. That’s cat logic.


It's so funny when dogs or kids do this kind of things. We all occupied and they find out it's time to cuddle n_n Daddys Little Helpers

I wonder if ritter would like this

Go faster!

The good life. If my car had a sun roof this would be Max.

If my dogs could talk, this is exactly what they would say, LOL!

30 Happy Beagle Dogs Having An Epic Party I wanted to do something special for Louie so i organized Louie The Beagle Playday Event. Invite 30 beagles , put them together and add alot of toys. Louie had an awesome time , and so did the other beagles :-).


Funny pictures about It's okay piggy. Oh, and cool pics about It's okay piggy. Also, It's okay piggy.

Ingenious Hammock-Like Cat Crib Perfectly Blending in Small Homes

Cat-Crib-Space-Saving-Cat-Bed cat hammock under a chair August 2013

20 Cliche New Born Photos Starring A Dog…

'A cliche newborn photo shoot starring a dog.' (Jack Russell Terriers have so much expression!

I like this

If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck. AFLAC it's a duck!