Human and elf lovers

Cendre & Faust from my story Northern Northern characters and story (c) 2014 Orpheelin.


As much as I hate anime, the unicorn is beautiful. Not the dude; the unicorn. That dude is weird. The unicorn isn't. I like the unicorn; not the dude.

Banque d'Image Collective Avataresque

"He spun from the shadows, a nightmare wraith, slung on the back of the demon horse that grinned with obsidian teeth."- writing from previous pinner I think

Mad respect for this painting

El Arco y unos Ojos Verdes — kittiepng: merfolk au doodles……

Nenil âr Lútphen

f Wood Elf Wizard Tower Forest Hills naked story One day I will die because of those pretty elves.

the position of the wolf is super cute, this artist has talent for exaggerating proportion in the right way!

((I'm the guy)) "cutie!" I smile and pet you. You purr and squeak in response.

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I'm Hisao, and I have sand magic. I tend to make my own rules, and not loom around in the Haven guild. I'm kind of a mysterious guy. I have my guild mark on my upper cheek as well.

OK... I made some edits to it. And removed the frame. Some of my friends liked this frame, but it was annoying me. Please, full view

Gabriel Heilburg Commission for ____________________________ Artwork © By me [LAS-T] Vanimore © By Spicedwinefanfic

cartoon girl pose reference - Google Search

doodles mermen poses as i fret about birthday presents look at how counter-productive i am also these are probably only helpful to those who draw shota .