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Dear mainstream media #sandy

People walk on a street littered with debris after Hurricane Sandy hit Santiago de Cuba Photograph: Desmond Boylan/Reuters

more about misconceptions  http://www.bionomicfuel.com/the-7-big-mistakes-people-making-during-an-earthquake-part-1/#

The 7 Big Mistakes People Making During an Earthquake – Part 1


If the picture on the left shocks you m ore than the one on the right, you need to revise your views on immorality.



Imagen de http://41.media.tumblr.com/de30464df11c03593614b9f7caa3c74f/tumblr_n36d5hxPJE1ruc976o1_1280.jpg.

Chapter 11 - page 83 - conniving - verb - secretly doing or planning something - Plankton is conniving to steal the crabby patty secret recipe.

Chapter 16 - 17 extra - groped - verb

Chapter 16 - 17 extra - groped - verb

These AMAZING Photos Of Cuba Will Give You Severe Wanderlust

These AMAZING Photos Of Cuba Will Give You Severe Wanderlust

Planning your next vacation, these photos of Cuba will make you book your tickets to this ocean paradise in no time.

La Bodeguita del Medio.  Birthplace of the Mojito and one of Ernest Hemingway's favorite places

la bodeguita del medio: the birthplace of the mojito and one of ernest hemingway's favorite places.

Adorable... Darth Vader is a pretty cute dad! Also he makes eggs! I cannot express all of the squee this picture contains!

Darth Vadar and baby Luke comics! I can't take it, too adorbs.

Breezy Point, Queens - homes destroyed by fire.

50 dramatic images of destruction caused by superstorm and hurricane Sandy

Homes and vehicles are destroyed after a fire caused by Superstorm Sandy swept through Breezy Point, Queens - Picture: Ramin Talaie/EPA

This is the best condom ad ever

Please, Don't Let Canadian Pop Happen to You- another reason Justin Bieber is a tool.