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I know most of you wont but you don't know what they are going through at all! ~ I know some people fighting cancer right now. This is for them and anyone battling cancer. Pray for these strong, brace, individuals.

Isn't this technically just the same thing but with a less effective curse?-

Isn't this technically just the same thing but with a less effective curse? <<< no this means you can ignore stuff

The person who has bullied me for over 4 years is back up and it and has an anti bully board. Hmmmm wondering if she takes these pins and puts them to use on not to bully and harass others. Prob not.

This is so SAD. REPOST to save this girls life! Thank You(: Its just mean if people don't repost this.

Need this to work

REPOST >>> I want everything but the crush thing. I don't have a crush

I don't need a favor, His love is already a miracle. “What if he is too busy to get back to your measly prayer taking care of more important things. Oh,yeah I forgot he is omnipotent and all good so he must be able to do everything, except....I can’t really see how you can think God will do you a favor, I thought it was all supposed to be a gift.

Just the simple fact that I love God. I don't believe in chains, god works when we least expect it, and never how we want. Not bc we post chains.

I would die for you Maddie, no doubt. <3 U bestie!

it wouldnt even have to be a best friend i would go in for a random person

Cool Crafts for Teens Boys -Creative, Awesome Teen DIY Projects and Fun Creative Crafts for Boys (and even Girls) Tweens Can Make Fun Stuff At Home

Cool DIY Projects for Teen Boys

HCER was so excited to find these unique ideas. Need activities for your teenager to stay busy?

i want it all money fast cars and **

Just Some House Things.....

I want that bookshelf! And the giant pixelated couch. and the couch-bunkbeds. and that transformer thing.

This isn't funny but I don't feel lik making a new folder labeled 'cool things' or 'random'  this stuff was rlly interesting tho

Hey kids you wanna see some sweet pics?