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Sight Word Practice on the Stairs - hands on : as we grow

Sight Word Practice on the Stairs, Hands on Learning, coyld use this for math facts or spelling words too. Active learners would love this!

Practice Sight Words with Light Sabers!  A fun activity to get kids excited about reading.

Light Saber Sight Word Practice

Why not practice recalling sight words with light sabers! This is a fun activity to get dyslexic kids excited about reading.

Sight Word Parking Lot is a great way to make learning more fun for children

Can do with letters/numbers/colors Sight word parking lot game -- call out a word & they "park" in that place! *PRESCHOOL* Change the sight words to colors/numbers/letters!

Great idea for sight word practice: Be a Ghost Zapper. Plus 9 other learning activities for outside

9 Learning Activities for Outside (and a new After School Linky

Making sight word practice fun make it more effective! The more sight words new readers know automatically the better they can comprehend the text they are reading. Since Halloween is coming we decided do a little sight word ghost zapping!

Sight Word Soccer! A fun way to move and learn while you are practicing sight or spelling words!

Sight Word Soccer

What a fun summer learning activity with Lego Duplo. Turn the blocks into sight words and match them up in this outdoor sight word hunt.

Outdoor Sight Word Hunt with LEGO DUPLO

Sight Word Hunt with Lego DUPLO. Take learning outside with this sight word hunt.LEGO DUPLO, a DUPLO base piece, a permanent marker, and a yard

Word recognition #2:  Write sight words on a thick piece of Styrofoam.  Give the children golf tees and a mallet/toy hammer.  The child must say the sight word and then they can pound the golf tee into the foam.  This is very engaging activity for kids and they will enjoy saying the correct word so that they can hammer the word in.

Sight Word and Letter Pounding

Sight Word Pounding: a toy hammer, golf tees, a permanent marker and sheets of styrofoam. Write letters, numbers or sight words on the styrofoam and have them hammer the golf tee into the correct answer. Great for active boys.