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Tenir un koala dans mes bras...

Vanessa Nichole

The cutest koala ever seen! I love koalas but it is a shame that they are Australian!

Wir sind schon auf der Zielgeraden, schneller, Mama, schneller!

Pin-body: Koala & joey walking on the ground, Koalas rarely come down from the trees in which they live, but need to, to move to a new tree. I have even seen a koala come down & walk thru our camp to a river for a drink! (It was in very hot weather)

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"A Koala Visitor!" On a Friend's Country Lane in Stirling, South Australia. >> I would like to see one of these walking on my driveway!

Is this cute!??? Id it's not u have problems

“Phew, it really is hard work being this adorable”. We couldn’t help but have an “ahhhh” moment when we saw this photo of Archer the Koala joey from Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney. He is pictured here taking a break from chasing his koala friend “Ari

Koala Lula By Irina Vnukova - Koala Lula, growth standing22cm,It can be custom made. To order, write to me on email or facebook))) - It is sewed of beautifulGerman plush - Fixing paws and muzzle on the cotter pin -Filled with polyester and metal granulate - It has a good weight, weighted metal gr...

Koala Lula By Irina Vnukova - Bear Pile (you sure that's not a stuffy?


That weekend feeling. It looks like Archer the koala from Featherdale Wildlife Park is feeling pretty excited. This little fellow who has been.

Cada día nos persignamos antes de abrir el periódico y ésta es la tercera vez en apenas una sem...

Save Koalas from Coal Seam Gas Petition~ Please sign and share Thanks

A Baby Koala Did A Photoshoot And The Footage From Behind-The-Scenes Is Too Cute To Handle

A Baby Koala Did A Photoshoot And The Footage From Behind-The-Scenes Is Too Cute To Handle

Cute Koala Bear

Koala at Healesville Sanctuary - one of many indigenous animals at the sanctuary in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia