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Mike is the most relatable person on this planet


Write the first person who popped into your brain: Michael<<< Vic<<<I was thinking Gerard Way and Ashton Irwin.those were the first two haha <<< luke

"LUCAS!" "Yessss...?" "Bandana me." *Luke rolls eyes and hands over bandana*

" "Bandana me." *Luke rolls eyes and hands over bandana* <<< I read banana." *holds out arms with all the his bandanas hanging on them* *Ashton then shops for what bandana he wants to wear*

I didn't even read the top that said it was Louis and liam  but when I saw it I was like oh lawdy this is why I love him!

Notice how all of Louis's are things that can be destructive>>> I feel ya Louis, I feel ya<<<< Did anybody notice that Liam underlined four?

I don't think Luke gets the whole concept of twitter...

Lol Luke must be a slacker considering this was the night before Cal's birthday

Haha me ahha

This is my back up if i don't marry Michael. I will marry Michael, if you think other wise you are dumb!<< me af!