Oh buddy, I am so having a midnight skate party and my make up shall look like this.She is a Star Makeup

Des yeux qui nous inspirent : les yeux graphiques 60s de Twiggy

For anyone wanting to replicate the famous doe eyed/Twiggy eye make-up - one day I'll do this while my hair is still short!


Beauty or Art? Stunning Avant Garde Makeup close headshot portrait fashion editorial art photography colourful make up


Virna lisi her hair and makeup yardley advert model penelope tree showing the eye makeup looks and lip colours of the era the cleopatra influence can be seen in the last look make up ideas


I love the pearls above her eyebrows that gives her forehead more depth. I also love the electric green lips. (I definitely want to have green lips for the final possibly.) Also the green and purple eyeshadow bring out the color of the lips even more.