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хрустальная Милен | biser.info - всё о бисере и бисерном творчестве

This is Crystal Milen by Valeum, a Russian artist who managed to turn crystals into lace in this shapely collar.

Жемчужный воротничок из бисера и бусин | Бисер|Магия бисера

Ignore the bottom picture. The original schematic with uneven hem and bright flower colors would be adorable

Еще одно колье от Виктории - 6 Апреля 2012 - Схемы - Бисер не только красивое хобби...

схемы (для бисера)

One more necklace from Victoria - on April 2012 - Schemes - Beads not only a beautiful hobby.

free pattern

Scheme necklace Mylene Farmer - 25 September 2009 - Schemes - Beads not only a beautiful hobby .

Tutorial on How to Make Cheap 4-Strand Glass Beads Pendant Necklaces for Women from LC.Pandahall.com

Do you want glass beads necklaces? If yes, you could not miss today’s Pandahall tutorial on how to make cheap glass beads pendant necklaces for women!

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DIY - pulsera con cuentas - Illustrated Tutorial on Making a Stunning Beaded Bracelet with Glass Bicone Beads and Seed Beads -

collar rosado con perlas y cristales,  con su esquema

Not only to use for a collar but also nice for the finishing touch at a caftan insteas of sfiffa. Collar rosado con perlas y cristales, con su esquema

Free pattern for necklace Toffee | Beads Magic | Needs 11/0 seed beads; 4mm pearls; 6mm pearls

Free pattern for beaded necklace Toffee- Use Seed Beads Pearl Beads 4 mm, Pearl Beads 6 mm.