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All the orphaned socks can now become toys for my dog.

21 Utilidades Incríveis para a meia sem par

sock kangaroo free sewing pattern Great for Mother's day & Baby Shower

Sock Kangaroo Plushie - Free Sewing Pattern & Tutorial


sock rabbit after stuffing the body, pinch the sides of the body where the arms will be and stitch from front to back to form the arms

Ella, the sock elephant, free pattern & tutorial

Sock Elephant - Free Sewing Pattern & Tutorial

Hand-made natural wind sock dolls ~ Warm Heart khaki striped rabbit / coffee striped rabbit heart-warming

69122f4438c4e90f356dfa5bbae7fc11.jpg 534×800 pikseliä #Socktoys

69122f4438c4e90f356dfa5bbae7fc11.jpg 534×800 pikseliä #Socktoys

Pom Pom Easter Bunnies are easy to make and are perfect for your child's Easter…

How to Make Pom-pom Bunny

DIY Pom Pom Bunnies: The Cuttest ever.Easy to make pom pom bunnies for the kids to hide with the eggs for next year's egg hunt

DIY Craft Ideas: #12 Socks Made Animal Soft Toys for Kids - Diy Food Garden & Craft Ideas

Hand puppet Doll Nut handmade Dolls diy socks doll material kit multi colour limited edition Hot Sale-inNeedlework from Home & .

We recently featured another sock snowman tutorial that was insanely popular with our readers. So, when I saw this second version I just had...

DIY Adorable Sock Snowmen- Christmas ornaments the boys could make! Seems easy enough.

Adorable Sock Kitten Tutorial! I bet any little one would enjoy having and/or making this (depending on age, obviously)!

DIY Cute Sock Kitten

I bet any little one would enjoy having and/or making this (depending on age, obviously)!