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Spinal column showing numbered vertebrae which are the names of each bone and which section each bone belongs to. #VisualVocabulary

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI): Types and Treatment News

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nemfrog:  Plate X. Diseases of the nervous system. 1915.

nemfrog: “ Plate X. Diseases of the nervous system. ” For Throwback Thursday, I’m going through the Nemfrog archive to find images from a hundred years ago.

The Vagus nerve. Did you know that stimulation of this nerve triggers off all your digestive processes, helping you digest and absorb nutrients better and avoid bloating, reflux and indigestion. You can trigger it using bitter foods such as rocket or by deep breathing. If you are having significant digestive issues, your Naturopath can prescribe herbs that trigger the Vagus nerve. Cool huh?

What Happens in Vegas... (or do I mean Vagus?) -

When you breathe deeply into your belly, it stimulates the vagus nerve, which then sends a message to the brain telling it to make the body relax. Stress hormone production is reduced, and other physiological stress effects (like capillary constriction, m

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Anatomy of neck

Hyoid Bone - The hyoid is the only human bone that is attached to only muscles, not to another bone. Our hyoid is attached to tongue muscles, throat muscles, and jaw muscles. Via: trabalho

These muscles are involved of flexion and extension of the forearm at the elbow joint.

Muscles that Move the Forearm. These muscles are involved of flexion and extension of the forearm at the elbow joint.

Relational Organs

Human anatomy diagram organs with function details Functions offered on the human anatomy diagram organs will indeed provide better detail ease.