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When I have my own brick walls outside.Moss paint: You’ll need several handfuls of moss, of buttermilk or a can of beer and a teaspoon of sugar. Mix in a blender until liquid and paint on the wall. Spray daily as it grows, as moss thrives when moist.

Bill Nye the Science Guy did this to spread moss around the garden.

DIY Moss Graffiti, couldn't work out if this should be in gardening or crafty, looks fun either way.

Create an outdoor tunnel system for your indoor cat.

31 DIY Ways To Make Your Backyard Awesome This Summer

30 DIY Ideas How To Make Your Backyard Wonderful This Summer, including an outdoor cat run for an indoor cat.



DIY Leafbath

DIY Leafbath

This DIY leaf bird bath project will create a one-of-kind watering place for the birds in your backyard, and working with cement is easier than you think!

garden path insert

Sea glass mosaic in a stone walkway. Fireglass isnt just for Firepits! You can get creative and make your own Mosaic project. Come in to RCP and choose your own favorite colors and styles! - Gardening For You

#springforpears #usapears

grow - nice green street art project with moss typography by anna garforth! also, check out edina tokodi and the recipe how to do it yourself!

i love this, great idea

Clematis bird houses in garden! log bird feeder for the birds

Garden lights!  Via  Jaqueline SZ via Kristin Fägerskjöld

funky rustic lighting in the garden.old galvanized buckets turned upside down to house the light fixture. This might be good with solar lights if I cut the bottom of the buckets.