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..... Yeahh Pretttyy Muchh

just girly things

Just Girly Things: Having A Best Friend Who You Have Known Forever

I died in a car accident(Kristina would understand)

Darn air, Adam Sandler, Bite me I'm a dinasuar, who asked you, Only ally would understand!

Yeaah I wish

It's the dest thing ever =)

Just Girly Things: It's amazing how one person can change your mood completely.

I can feel bad and then my bestie calls.and next thing you know I'm laughing historically.

everyone can tell when i'm sad...

Miss my bestfriend

Being silly with your best friend is the best medicine:-)

OMG that's totally me Sure, i may look ridiculous but i'm with my best friend. So i don't care.

With your best friend

García García García Miller // You're my best friend and life without you would be a tragedy.

just girly things.sleepovers with your BFF

A best friend

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yikes! so totally me? dont ask about when im over tired! I mean, i can in SOME situations but hehe not many lol

Yeahh Pretty much

Texts till 3am calls for hours and hours story telling all that great stuff :-)

OMG, thats totally me. -Long talks with my best friend. I'm so happy she puts up with my long conversations.

My entire life is awkward my bff is on speed dial.......

Texting your best friend when you're in an awkward situation.

Our random convos

The Best Happy Birthday Memes

just girl things

Miss my girl ♡ rn she's on a trip to Europe with her family and I'm dying @EllaHall

This happened with me and my best friend jacklyn u know who u r

interweber:    oh ok    #justgirlythings auto-reblart

Wrapping Blankets Around You

Even though you live right around the corner and I see you every other day :3

I miss my best friend . and that's who I am