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..... Yeahh Pretttyy Muchh

Yea and she's Sam Sammy or Samantha. She is the best with advise. She gives best advise. Shes my sis. She is the BEST friend.

best friend this is true I pretty much tell @Megan Ward Ward Ward Ward Buckley Schmidtman everything sooo

Why My First Best Friend Is Still My Best Friend

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don't know how more accurate this could be right now:(

Can't keep calm because I miss my best friend ! I feel like I say this all the time!

Describes me & my best friend to a t!

That's so funny. :) My friends and I did that a couple of times. I think that was back in middle school, though. :) One of them was "the Easter bunny". I don't quite remember why.


Some people just lack the capability of being a bestfriend. Sad that as I watch gossip girl I wish I had a friendship like Serena and Blair.

*cough,cough* you know its a best friend when you make stupid choices and befriend some one whos mean and then they are still there for you after all of it.

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