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BTS & The Chainsmokers They met their idols 😢💞 so proud

⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠⚠ Historias diferentes con cada uno de los chicos. Unas serán … #historiacorta # Historia Corta # amreading # books # wattpad

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BTS X SKT waiting for them to trip and fall in slow motion like the scene from Monsters Inc.

i hope bts come out with a new video soon. i just can't wait ahhh


Dude, y'all have to get this! It's sooooo goood! Everytime I open a new tab, there's a Bangtan memebr!


BTS Bighit Trans : : [ We won the Best Album of the Quarter Award and the V LIVE Global Popularity Award at the Gaon Awards thanks to all of our ARMYs! Thank you so so much!

.... YES SIR! But can I stay with officer Hoseok? ≧﹏≦ #BTS #kpoptwitterisgoingtojailparty

Read 266 from the story memes de BTS parte❤ by mini-suga-proxi (mini suga) with reads.


Are bts members that sweet to accept a 17 yr old 'girl' as their prod… # Fanfiction # amreading # books # wattpad

*Lưu ý: khi vào fic này nhớ mang theo quần và máu  #hàihước Hài hước #amreading #books #wattpad

On June BTS unveiled their first set of photos for the BTS FESTA'. Now, they have released the second batch of their family photo.

#wattpad #hayran-kurgu Bayan Kim gülümsedi. "Yeni kardeşine merhaba de Taehyung~" ↪VMIN↩


#wattpad #hayran-kurgu Bayan Kim gülümsedi. "Yeni kardeşine merhaba de Taehyung~" ↪VMIN↩

BTS đoạt giải tại giải thưởng phát thanh truyền hình hàn quốc 2017

BTS Wins Artist Award At Korean Broadcasting Awards

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<scenarios/preferences/imagines/> 💌Иσт ɢσииα ∂σ αиʏтнιиɢ ιииαρяσρяια… Fanfiction

Ze king!

Kim Namjoon: 'Yeah I speak English, yeah I'm a genius, yeah I'm the leader. fucking fight me'