Omg I was trying to write destiel for my caption on this pin and it autocorrected to festively! I thought of destiel right away.

(((((I’m total garbage immediately I thought of Darkstache godammit no)))))

Solangelo-will would be the loud idiot phan- Dan of course the loud one Cresswell- throne any day Percabeth-.

Mark pushed Jack back with his foot. “Don’t you dare, Pastel.”

Mark pushed Jack back with his foot. “Don’t you dare, Pastel.”

i love this

i love this

True<<<but... but... some of my OTPs just don't work like that.... they just are too freaking sweet... yet on the other hand, the ruler of my OTPs would totally do this

except they're both crazy sweet and they like always make sure the other is comfy,, this is still a cute and funny idea though

Something like this has actually happened tho lol

Robin would give a cute little kitten sneeze and Chrom would just thud onto the floor

"Not really James, I was petty loopy on pain meds to be honest." - Delilah and James and some point probably

Person A: Eleventh Doctor Person B: River Song Perfect. OTP or person a Kurt person b Blaine

When Ali punched Luca in the nose- this conversation between Arisa and Ali

Dialogue prompt -- "Why is he bleeding?" "Because he's an idiot." "I didn't know that idiocy caused people to just start spontaneously bleeding from the nose." "I think it's a new phenomenon."<<<< this isn't a dialogue prompt. This is from Allegiant duh

all i can imagine is luke having an asthma attack bc mike keeps suffocating him with pillow and roll him in bed sheet like a burrito