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Differenze linguistiche: "Ingredient" #Finnish

Differenze linguistiche, now in finnish!

Post with 63 votes and 1937 views. Differenze linguistiche, now in finnish!

De 14 svenskaste sakerna som har hänt HAHAHAHA wtf? Det heter de 14 mest svenska sakerna som hänt

De mest svenska sakerna som har hänt i världshistorien bilder)

Le little derp brother and his little derpina friend

Le little derp brother and his little derpina friend

That moment when little derp brother is more flirtatious than you.

All the time. Not enough teachers have OCD apparently. This won't happen with @Emily Katherine though

That annoying moment when...

These are like sooo creative! Whoever came up with this just wants to roast EVERYONE

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The Finns have something they call sisu. It is a compound of bravado and bravery, of ferocity and tenacity, of the ability to keep fighting after most people would have quit, and to fight with the will to win. The Finns translate sisu as "the Finnish spirit" but it is a much more gutful word than that.

SISU > from the Finnish -- "ultimate determination, fortitude, and persistence, carried to an unfathomable level.

child hood ruined XD

The truth behind SpongeBob

Personally I think squidward is envy with being jealous of squiliam? and plankton wrath because he is always angry when he fails and is filled with revenge