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You got me faded

A collection of tree or wood related photos, quotes, history, facts and the people who work with them!

"But hold on to what you believe in the light when the darkness has robbed you of all your sight. So hold on to what you believed in the light."  ~ 'Hold On to What You Believe' (Mumford & Sons)

As I walked through the Valley of Shadows, I began to frantically search for the light of God and it slowly began to appear and get brighter and brighter even though my situation got worse before it got better


Giant silver rings, black nail polish, and a skull-topped walking stick. Yes, I approve. (Oooh, I want an ornate skull handle for one of my parasols.

(brb)There is a war inside my core

versac-hanel: “babv: “ i want to walk down there ” ✖ Paler than pale bby ✖ ”

- ̗̀ @fabxiety  ̖́ -

- ̗̀ @fabxiety ̖́ -

Raymond Voinquel/ from Trapeze, 1956 Carol Reed film

night circus Repetition, from Trapeze, 1956 Carol Reed film photo by Raymond Voinquel

Finals week are in a week, and you realize you know nothing. So you start considering a new career path.

The 33 Stages Of Finals Week

After these weeks I`m thinking that becoming a pole dancer sounds more interesting than what I`m doing right now :)