[Peonies, tree peonies, and camellias all produce some of the most beautiful shades of pink in the world!] Tree Peony--peonies are one of my favorite flowers--so voluptuary!


climbing yellow roses, love this color with the old wood fence. Yellow roses are so happy!


Beautiful Peony Photograph by Garry Gay flower bouquets inspiration flowers peony roses mixed flower bouquet

Epiphyllum "Argus" (Orchid Cactus). These are so easy to grow and so fun.

Epiphyllum "Argus" (Orchid Cactus) Not truly an orchid, but I LOVE ephiphyllums (epiphilla?), so I'm pinning the photo to my "Orchids" board!

This inspires me because pink is a beautiful color. The color pink reflects a lovely or happy mood.