71cce5bafc3ddf44d775032e153bda36.jpg 750×562 пикс

71cce5bafc3ddf44d775032e153bda36.jpg 750×562 пикс

Patent Print of an Electric Guitar Patent Art by VisualDesign, $6.95

Electric Guitar Patent Print Electric Guitar Art Print

This is a print of the patent drawing for an electric guitar patent in The original patent has been cleaned up and enhanced to create an attractive display piece for your home or office. This is…MoreMore

The Best Bass Guitar Effects Pedals Guide Youll Ever See [INFOGRAPHIC]

What could be better than an infographic for a guide to bass guitar effect pedals? Check out (arguably) the first bass guitar effects pedals guide infographic.

Hollowbody Electric Guitar Plans #3: Electronic Version

Our CES Electric Guitar Plans are the most detailed guitar plans available. You can have your plans immediately with our PDF guitar plans, or choose to have them printed. You can even add CNC guitar plans to your order if you'd like!