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Season 3 to Have 10 Episodes! "The conclusion of a major arc." I smell a season Mais

huehuehuehue I'm actually impressed how I got the Kanji look like it's part of the banner!  Yeee! Karasuno Volleyball Club~~ Render By ~ Render Link ~ Haikyuu Render Background Image Arti...

gif ~~ Ukai tossed them each a snack. Tanaka, however, looks more like a fish snatching flying bait.

kagehina, noya, haikyuu, yaoi, tsukishima

ever the cynical one hahahaha / cute comic strip /Hinata / Kageyama / and Noya trying to lick their elbows / Haikyuu / hq / karasuno

OMG, my stomach hurts XD......

throw him in the recycling bin so maybe next time he will go to shiratorizawa

Hinata Shouyou's Bathroom Adventures... xD

xD this needs to be a mini series,the people Hinata encounters on his trips to the bathroom XD

Ball is life.| Bromance- Noya and Tanaka| idiots... <3 Haikyuu

Ball is life, Bromance nothing really gay about it. Noya x Tanaka - Haikyuu!