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Freewill aside, its okay to think it, just don't believe it.

Sorry for my ugliness. Sorry I'm not funny. Sorry I'm not smart. Sorry you have to see my face. Sorry I woke up this morning

Now that makes sense... *cynical self nods*

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This is quite possibly one of the worst feelings. Will there ever be a love that will be unconditional? The answer unknown. And so we wait.

I dont know what I did that was so wrong but maybe I do. They say karma's a bitch so I must have done something. I just wish I knew what.

Maybe. I still don't even know if I have actual depression, or if it's just me being stressed. But whatever it is, I deserve it.

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Omdssss yessss idk i tell myself shit tha ent truuu buh i cnt stop myselfffff