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Hahahahahahaaa :D

They're considering a Twilight theme park. [Incoherent sobbing] I don't want to live in a world where Twilight has theme parks

Twilight vs Harry Potter

Very good points. HP wins every time. I don't like HP but I hate twilight even more so HP wins in my book!

Geek World vs Twilight - Geeks win!!

Fact: Bella Swan is not a role model for girls. and Kristen Stewart is a terrible actress

love this  :) - Click image to find more Geek Pinterest pins

The Voice. I like the Harry potter vibe. I can work with Harry Potter. He looks a little like Justin Bieber. Let's go back to Harry potter.

Twilight will always be worse than The hunger games and Harry Potter

"let's go eat some people!" I am a fan of the books, but I hate the first twilight movie! here's my favorite video of how the movie should have ended :)>>>>just realize twilight sucks all the way

Stephanie Myers did a lot to break stereotypes on women.

Fact: Bella Swan is not a role model for girls. and Kristen Stewart is a terrible actress

Harry Potter book vs. movie fans Get out. NOW!!!!!

Book fans VS Movie fans - I do this in my head a lot, mostly it makes me feel like slapping people silly.

Tsk tsk tsk!!

When asked what he'll miss most about making the Harry Potter movies, Daniel Radcliffe said, "Oh, a couple of things.

So Damn True

Ron + Draco + Snape in grandma clothes = Macklemore.idk who macklemore is but I do know who ron, draco and snape is and from the picture, it looks like the reference is right lol

This is the most accurate thing I've ever seen. Some of you have got to start watching Doctor Who and Supernatural with me so you can share the angst.<< so true

me neither, malfoy.  me neither.

Books and Reading - Funny - The Hunger Games - Stephanie Meyer - Draco Malfoy

Snape doing his things

Funny pictures about Just Snape Doing Everyday Things. Oh, and cool pics about Just Snape Doing Everyday Things. Also, Just Snape Doing Everyday Things photos.

We all went through changes...

This makes me laugh even though the Harry Potter nerd in me knows that's Blaise Zabini because Draco had to get a new friend because the actor who played Crabbe got arrested. Why are they holding hands though?