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The laughter of a baby getting belly raspberries is the sound of pure joy and makes me smile so hard I cry.

10 Tips For Raising Perfect, Unspoiled, Angel Kids

The perfect morning will be cuddling with you every single day of my life...

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Ticklish. He gets me every time and seems to enjoy it.

brielle] "i was thinking we could have a quiet night in." i smile softly. "cuddling, netflix marathon, and make out sessions." i joke about the last part and giggle.

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This article illustrates 20 new ways to see your loved ones suffering from depression.Mother Teresa put it very well, “The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved.

Loving Couple & Puppy!!!!

I have a doggie I snuggle up to now I need the man to make it complete.or not (the dog is less trouble and does not cheat).

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. I know it sounds cliché and probably even silly to you, but I find there really is importance in moments of loneliness. There is gratitude in the plac…

Julie Leah: A life & style blog: Semi -Wordless Wednesday: Romance & Rendezvous

Nothing like a row boat on a lake on a crisp autumn day . great R&R idea for a lazy afternoon with your favorite guy. Besides a cute date, a great photo for engagement shoot.