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Buddy the Elf Cat Hat, 18 @ Shawna Kilgore for Boo :) - the things we do.

Kitty Love ❤~❤~❤~

How could you ever resist an adorable smooshy face like this? * * Nobodys kin resist, 'cept I iz a tabby kitteh.only Persians have 'smooshy' faces.

I hope they can't decide which one of us they want and take us both.  I can't imagine life without you.

* * GREY KITTEN: " Ya wanna flip for it?" CALICO KITTEN: " Let's just split;

Black Smoke Persian Beauty

black smoke, persian cat--"my" first cat that was my baby was a black persian cat. She was my "minky" Looks like my black smoke Tara

Me. All day. Every day. With everyone.

Meet MeMe – the cutest Calico kitten in the world. She is pure sweetness, and I think she is the kitten-version of me (because she is so adorable).