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A-Z of Travel: Quotient’s 2013 Picks |  Eritrea: Traditional earthern coffee pots on sale in a market in Asmara

Pottery pots for coffee. Filter the ground beans with camel hair in the spout. Sudan, Eritrea, etc.


This young girl from the Hamer tribe in the south Omo region of Ethiopia had just gotten her face painted during a bull jumping ceremony.

Africa | Wodaabe man participating in the Yaake dance, during the Gerewol Festival.  Niger | ©Angela Fisher  Carol Beckwith

Wodaabe man participating in the Yaake dance - Gerewol Festival - Niger - Angela Fisher Carol Beckwith


WOW ~ Tibetan man in traditional clothing and jewelry. It is traditional for Tibetan men to wear extravagant jewelry About Face,Anthropological,Faces of the World,Global People & Adornements,People all over the world