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my lessons & struggles have shaped me to the person i am today.. in order to love myself i m grateful to god for those hard times.. i've learned to embrace storms of my life. Showmy.

I have endured. I have been broken. I have known hardship. But here I stand, still moving forward, growing stronger each day. I will never forget the harsh lessons in my life. They made me stronger.

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"Someday everything will make perfect sense. So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason." Even if someday it doesn't make perfect sense, it happened for a reason.

Hardest Lessons

One of the hardest lessons in life is letting go. Whether it’s guilt, anger, love, loss or betrayal. Change is never easy. We fight to hold on and we fight to let go.

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Beneath every strong, independent woman lies a broken little girl who had to learn how to get back up & to never depend on anyone.


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There is so much wisdom in this quote - enjoy the journey that has brought you here but do not lose sight that today is but one more stepping stone in the story that is who you will become - never let anyone steal that from you

Be thankful for what you are now, & keep fighting for what you want to be tomorrow. Keep Fighting

This is why I always told you that you are perfect Sam. Nothing will ever change that. ~C.V.M

How much we travel thru every feeling in life. i hv seen life thru imperfection .even thru downs . its jst a decision that changes d meaning


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Trust breeds betrayal. People can smile behind their teeth, and it's a dog eat dog world; some people have bigger teeth than you do.

past pinner: Trust breeds betrayal. People can smile behind their teeth, and it's a dog eat dog world; some people have bigger teeth than you do. So, don't go trusting people so easily 'cause they appear to be "nice" people.

Dont be a douche and you wont get attitude.

Make no mistake between my personality and my attitude. My personality is who I am. My attitude depends on who you are-THIS IS SO TRUE!


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Weak People Revenge, Strong People Forgive, Intelligent People Ignore - another inspirational thought for you to enjoy and consider!

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People think being alone makes you lonely, but I don't think that's true. Being surrounded by the wrong people is the loneliest thing in the world.so true