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L>R: Chalk sticks (Senecio) -foxtail fern (Asparagus densiflorus meyeri) - fruit salad plant (Monstera deliciosa) - Boston fern (Nephrolepis exaltata) - banana palm (Musa acuminate) - Zanzibar gem (Zamioculcas zamiifolia).

Plants on a short shelf- for in front of the living room window!

low bench as a plant stand - sfgirlbybay / bohemian modern style from a san francisco girl

Elevate a tall plant on a low stool for extra height.

Modern Findings - large Swiss cheese plant on stand. Swiss Cheese plants are my favorite house plant right now.

lots of pots

There was a tragic lack of green space in their first apartment, but thanks to Louise's green thumb they had potted plants on every available surface

/ bohemian style

{image: Belle Fleur de Lis} The weekend we came back from our summer in the Netherlands I literally went to the first garden shop I could find here in Singapore . it was in Amsterdam already that I decided I.

displaying plants indoors. Could never have this because of our asshole cats but i love the way it looks

Interview: Jeska Hearne of The Future Kept

Fiddle leaf fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Indoor Trees make design statements and blend into the background adding warmth and life to a room. Often, they provide the height element that the room needs.

Hoy les platicamos de la planta Ficus Lyrata, una especie originaria de los climas tropicales de África Occidental, capaz de darle onda a cualquier espacio.

ต้นไทรใบสัก (fiddle leaf fig tree) Spring is officially here {a bit of a downer that it snowed this morning}, and I am ready to fill our space with some greens… So here is some green to inspire… Enjoy! via via via via vi…

Geometric Brass and Leather Hanging Planter Tutorial vintagerevivals.com

DIY Leather and Brass Teardrop Hanging Planter

DIY Leather and Brass Teardrop Hanging Planter - Vintage Revivals. one of the few things I'd think of "DIYing"

Room designed this to make it easy for kids to express themselves, and easy for them to pack away when they're done!

Room designed this to make it easy for kids to express themselves, and easy for them to pack away when they're done

Strelitzia Large grijs/groen 1.30m ergens in de woonkamer 1 grote groene plant.

Plant info Spear Leaf Philodendron, clumping with multiple leaves rising from usually short stems.

Planting indoors. Try it our with our Succulent Garden Root Bowl: http://www.vivaterra.com/succulent-garden-in-root-bowl.html

Rebecca's Entry Hallway: Two Different Looks