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(GIF) winner scene thingy with Fem!Robin and Chrom. I seriously fangirled when Chrom showed up like this on the version.


Awakening in a nutshell

actually Marth

Robin, Lucina, Roy, Marth, and Ike! Only one missing is Corrin!

Chrom's revenge

Fire emblem: I wonder if my tactician can fly.

Fire Emblem Awakening: The End Part 6 by OwlLisa.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Fire Emblem: Awakening - The End (Comic, part

Marth, Ike, Lucina, &... I don't even know that last one... Help? ^^;

Marth, Ike, Lucina, Shulk That's amusing to watch

I know I pinned this already but it's like the best pin ever

Ike is evil, just don't eat duck(Hunt)!

The Nohrian Siblings decide to force some shoes onto Corrin

Fire Emblem: If/Fates - Putting shoes on Kamui comic ~ Just a normal day in the Norian kingdom.



God, so many feels. So many things she won't understand. So many suppressed memories and shrouded pasts...

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Fire Emblem Fates- Odin/Owain and Ophelia.

#Dance #Classic #orange #illustration #pinkHair #Hair

Dance lessons by the teacher Olivia! I love all the little kids and especially how entranced Inigo is! So cuuuuute!

Fire Emblem Awakening - Smooth Lucina

Fire Emblem Awakening by Ticcytx-Lucina is a sassy lassy XDDD

FEA and Smash - Lucina, Robin, and Chrom

To be honest I use Marth and Robin (and Ike) so many times in Smash that it makes me feel sorta bad I never played Fire Emblem XD (Except the demo)

Fire Emblem Awakening: Surprise Part 7 by OwlLisa on DeviantArt

~Part purple writing: Chrom's wife Lisa ♥ dark blue writing: Lisa's husband Chrom ♥ red writing: . Fire Emblem Awakening: Surprise Part 7

At first I thought this was a Disney post. Then I realized it wasn't. But it was still funny.

How to Marry a Prince (Fire Emblem: Awakening - Marrying Chrom)

Fire Emblem Awakening Animated GIF

Chrom: come at me