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(GIF) winner scene thingy with Fem!Robin and Chrom. I seriously fangirled when Chrom showed up like this on the version.

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Avatar and Morgan. Considering the hair colour of Morgan together with the fact that in.game Morgan gets the non-avatar hair colour, I asume that Henry is the father in this version?

"I Wonder if My Tactician Can Fly?" #FireEmblem ^ Wait, TACTIANS COUNT AS A HOVERING UNIT?!?! THAT WOULD'VE BEEN USEFUL.

"I Wonder if My Tactician Can Fly?"

"I Wonder if My Tactician Can Fly?" I mean, not that this actually happens in game, but it's still funny if just for the sake of the reference to asdfmovies.

OMG I FINISHED FIRE EMBLEM AWAKENING A WHILE AGO AND THAT GAMES IS THE BOMB (Am I the only one who fangirled when Chrom proposed to Robin? They had an animation just for that X3)

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